MTO - Grace Dress in Pink "Prim and Pepper" Dotted Swiss
MTO - Grace Dress in Pink "Prim and Pepper" Dotted Swiss

MTO - Robe Grace en Rose "Prim and Pepper" Pointillé Suisse

Prix régulier$120.00
Détail de buste d'étagère finement froncé qui donne à votre poitrine un look incroyable
- Fines bretelles spaghetti réglables
- Corsage ajusté avec une taille cintrée et une jupe ample froncée.
- Fermeture à glissière arrière en métal
- Entièrement doublé
- Poches latérales spacieuses
- Longueur de la jupe : Genou L (Reg) 24"
Détails du tissu :
"Prim et poivre"
Ce tissu en coton transparent présente un délicat point suisse en relief bleu sur un fond blanc.
- Couleurs : Blanc/Rose clair
- Poids du tissu : léger
- 100% Coton

*Be sure to separate colors before washing as some dyes can bleed into each other, especially on the first wash. 


Cotton thrives with a gentle touch. Use cool or warm water and a mild detergent. Skip harsh chemicals and fabric softeners (cotton softens naturally!). 

Drying: Air drying is ideal, but tumble drying on low heat works too. To minimize wrinkles, remove the dress slightly damp and smooth it out.

Minimize Shrinkage:

Cotton can shrink slightly (expect up to 5% shrinkage), especially during the first wash. To minimize this, consider pre-washing in cold water.


Cotton can be ironed while slightly damp for easier wrinkle removal. Use a medium to high heat setting.

This dress is made to order. Allow 2-4 weeks for a standard size dress or 3-6 weeks for a custom-made dress. If you need the dress sooner for an event, please contact us before placing your order to inquire about rush order options (subject to availability).

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