Hearts and Found is a vintage inspired collection of quality pieces for women of all shapes and sizes. Individually crafted, each dress is fully lined and expertly finished to give a quality vintage feel.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make you look good and feel happy with our collection of timeless pieces to wear now and – most importantly – love forever. By creating favorite pieces that are sure to stand the test of time, we aim to slow down the pace of the fashion industry, and reduce mass production. 

With a slow approach to production we want you to enjoy timeless  garments that you’ll wear for the years to come. We aim for consistency, not only on our fit across all designs but also in offering you the best buying experience, every time.


Each garment is designed and handmade to order in our own facility. By producing in-house we can maintain high quality standards and safe working conditions.

Our production workers are paid above minimum wage, have good working conditions, limited/paid overtime, paid holidays, and access to healthcare.

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